A building customized for children and their needs
When we opened our day care in 1977 we were in a rented space on Jefferson Avenue. In the early ‘80s we had the opportunity to buy a building that could be customized for several age groups of children.
Making our center feel homelike and welcoming has been a central goal. After all, this is the place where children spend much of their day.

We have areas of the building with spaces and and facilities designed
for the age groups we serve:
An area for infants
A section for toddlers
And the largest set of rooms for pre-school children

School-age kids may spend time in the main building or in our duplex adjacent to the main building

Daily exercise is important to a child’s well-being and physical development, and whenever weather permits we get them outside, even in winter.
We have three playgrounds:
One just outside the toddler section, with play equipment for that age group;
another small playground with climbing equipment best suited for school-age kids;
and a large playground for our largest number of children, pre-schoolers.