EVENTS: Mainly for the fun of it...
Throughout the year we organize some events that are mainly for fun, but also serve a purpose in giving parents (and siblings and grandparents)
a feel for their child’s day at Learn and Grow.
Summer: A carnival, usually in August. For part of a summer evening, we bring in a petting zoo and pony rides. Parents collaborate on a pot luck dinner, and the school age kids organize and operate games. The evening is an opportunity for teachers and parents to socialize and for parents to socialize with each other; and the school-age kids feel the pride of creating something fun for the younger kids.
Holiday Party: Every year since 1977 we’ve organized a Christmas/Holiday open house for children and their families. We create a media production (used to be slides, now it’s a video) to show all the adults what an average day is like at Learn and Grow. Another chance for everyone to socialize, capped off by a visit from Santa Claus.
Teachers and aides also organize daytime parties to celebrate Halloween and Valentines Day.
Field Trips: During the school year we organize two or three age-appropriate field trips for the older pre-schoolers (4 and 5 year olds) and school age kids; during the summer, we organize a field trip once a week.
Examples: Visits to places such as the Science Museum, the Children’s Museum, Children’s Theater in Minneapolis or Stages in Hopkins, the Minnesota Zoo, the Como Zoo, indoor playgrounds, swimming, miniature golfing; fields trips with an educational purpose, such as a tour of a grocery store, or Pizza restaurant where they learn to make their own pizza.