A Seasoned and Committed staff

Learn and Grow was established in 1977 by Kathy Elvidge, and she continues to be the director, overseeing Learn and Grow but working with trusted key people who are responsible for the center’s daily operations.

She has a steady, loyal and experienced staff. Many have been with the center for more than ten years, (one for 15, and another for 19).

Several teachers have four-year degrees in Early Childhood Education.

We have very low staff turnover, and because of that the children and teachers get to know each other well; the children benefit from a continuity of care. At the same time, new people who join the staff from time to time can bring a fresh outlook and perspective from which everyone can benefit.

KathyElvidge: “I started the center when I had children of my own, and they all grew up in Learn and Grow. Later my daughters returned to work here as young adults. All my grandchildren attended Learn and Grow as infants and preschoolers, and now some of them are teenagers working part-time in appropriate jobs.

It’s not just my children and grandchildren who have returned as adults; several of our current staff members have become certified teachers and returned to work at the Child Care Center in which they spent their early years as pre-schoolers and some of their time as school-agers.

I like to think it’s because they have good memories of their experience here.”