TODDLERS: 16 to 32 months
Children move into the toddler section at about the age of 16 months. Their day is more structured, though their activities are still based on individual needs.

They have snack time and lunch time sitting together at a table;

very short group times, determined by attention span and the flow of the day;

art projects two or three times a week;
and time outside on the playground, when weather permits, even in the winter.
The teacher to child ratio is one to six. Teachers do a lot of work on speech
as well as social adjustment.

This age is when children are starting to learn about the give and take of life, how to share and get along with others. But realistically they’re still at a self-centered stage and their play tends to be “parallel” – playing alongside each other more than with each other. We have a lot of duplicate toys because sharing isn’t easy at this stage.

Part of their afternoon is devoted to nap time.