TUITION: Working to keep child care affordable

Scroll down to see a table of our rates for one and two children. More than two, please call 763-757-9898

How do we keep costs low?

Nobody working in day care gets rich, but to retain our experienced staff, we pay them as well or better than the commercial centers. But If you have checked on rates charged by the commercial day care centers, you may wonder why our rates are significantly lower.

Here’s the straight answer:

Our overhead costs are lower than other programs. We own the building outright, and all our equipment is paid for. We don’t have corporate shareholders expecting us to make money for them.

And as parents ourselves, we know that even with comparatively low rates, the cost of child care can be a major part of a family’s budget.

We always keep that in mind, and do our best to keep day care as affordable as possible, while at the same time providing quality child care.

INFANT 9.50 57.00 245.00
TODDLER 9.00 53.00 225.00
PRESCHOOL 8.50 51.00 215.00
SCHOOL AGE 7.00 47.00 160.00
INFANT/SCHOOL-AGE 13.50 93.00 388.00
INFANT/PRESCHOOL 14.50 95.00 415.00
INFANT/TODDLER 15.50 96.00 422.00
2-INFANTS 16.50 104.00 438.00
12.50 90.00 376.00
TODDLER &PRESCHOOL 13.50 94.00 400.00
2-TODDLERS 14.50 96.00 416.00
12.50 87.00 370.00
2-PRESCHOOL 13.50 89.00 390.00
2-SCHOOLAGE 12.50 81.00 310.00

During the school year, school-age tuition is charged at an hourly rate, with a minimum of $50/week.

Vacation Policy: Families receive up to 2 weeks in a 12-month period, depending on your schedule. Please see our parent policy book for more information.

Infants: min. 4 days per week. Toddler & Preschool: min. 3 days per week.

Rates are based on 10 hours (or less) per day. 10-11 hours per day, add $3.00 per day / per child. Any child over 11 hours a day will add $5.00 per day / per child.

All County Assistant co-pays are due bi-weekly on time, or a $15 late fee will be added.

Tuition is due Monday morning or an added $5.00 per day charge will apply.

There is a $60.00 registration fee per child.